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Governance and Compliance

Good corporate governance and compliance is essential for every organisation. This is the foundation from which you operate and key elements need to be in place:

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Team management and Effective Leadership

  • Risk and Compliance

Copy of Governance & Compliance Service

Policies and Procedures

Many online marketplaces offer free or low-cost policy and procedural templates. This can be the perfect "quick fix", but it does not provide a sustainable solution. We understand that each organisation is different and has its own unique company culture and processes.


Your foundational documents should reflect this.

We listen to you and spend time in your environment so we can understand your organisation, its culture, and its staff. We draft policies and procedures that:

  • Are legally sound

  • Take your unique environment and needs into account, and

  • Ensure strategic sustainability. 

Team Management and Effective Leadership

Motivated teams with clear direction meet high performance goals and work well under pressure. Hiring the right people in the right positions contributre to the ultimate health of your organisation and its outputs.


We are Belbin accredited and help you:

  • Hire the right people

  • Put the right people in the right positions

  • Understand team strengths and weaknesess and how to address these

  • Build clear and producitve communication lines

  • Manage team members effectively

Concrete Risk and Compliance Strategies

We help you take an honest and unfiltered look at the risks in your organisation, so you can face these head-on. Our  risk assessment is based on international standards for good corporate governance. Our report includes:

  • Summary of the risks identified

  • Legislative and procedural compliance

  • Risk in leadership, ethics and corporate citizenship

  • Strategy, performance and reporting

  • Record keeping

  • Governing structures and delegation

  • Governance functional areas

  • Stakeholder relationships

  • Recommendations and the way forward

We provide assistance with the implementation of all recommendations made.

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