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Holding Hands

Effective Human Rights Initiatives

Part of our mission is to make human rights real. Human rights projects can only be effective and have a practical impact if:

  • The organisation implementing it has good structures, governance and project management skills

  • The corporate that is funding it, understands its corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals and how to drive these

  • The correct funder partners with the corret non-profit or other organisation responsible for implementing the initiative.

Copy of Effective Human Rights Initiativ

Non-profits and NGOs

Good governance and sustainable business practices is the foundation of a succesful initiative. There are too many human rights initiatives with no practical outcomes and that do not make an impact.

We help you make your project a success through the following services:

  • Project development, facilitation and implementation

  • Assistance with writing the proposal and identifying how your goals align with the funder's CSR focus areas

We also help you dissect your project so you can ensure you:

  • Describe the problem with sufficient research, statistics or other evidence

  • Solve a problem and understand how you will solve this problem

  • Identify your focus group and area

  • Know how much it will cost and draft a proper budget

  • Have proper implementation methods and reporting structures.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to make sure your CSR initiatives are making a meaningful impact, and are not just another expense. We help you:

  • Partner with the right non-profits or NGOs

  • Identify your CSR goals and focus areas

  • Strategically set your annual CSR budget

  • Draft and implement your CSR requirements that need to be met by any organisation applying for funding

  • Ensure that those you choose to partner with meet your requirements

  • Assist with an effective monitoring tool to ensure your CSR investment is making a real impact

Sponsor a Non-Profit

There is a limited amount of funds that can be contributed to CSR, therefore it is vital that you make wise decisions when granting aid. Through our Sponsor a Non-Profit programme we help you build a trusted network of non-profits by providing training and guidance on your behalf.  Through our 5-day training programme we teach non-profits:

  • Good governance

  • Sustainable business practices

  • Working with the finances

  • Running effective projects that have practical outcomes

  • Your CSR requirements and how to comply

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